Manage everything. Budget, Guests, Gifts, ToDo lists, Vendors from the comfort of your couch with your laptop or your tablet-pc. Wedjinni performs miracles and costs pennies* *Just $19,90 one-time-fee (for a two-user account)
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6 reasons why you 're gonna fall in LOVE with our jinni:

cloud solution

you are up and running immediately after signing up. No installs no setups no nothing. Plus, your app follows you wherever you have Internet access.

it’s for both :-)

With every account you can invite your other half to join wedjinni for free! We even track & colorize the changes everyone makes to help you spot them.

it’s flexible

You can use only the parts that you need. In fact, wedjinni is so cost-effective, that you really get more than you pay for!

it’s easy and fun to use.

We could try to impress you with the tech we used and all that meaningless nerdy blurb. Instead, we ‘ll tell you that it feels great to use it.

it speaks your language

Wedjinni comes in English, Spanish*, French*, German*, Italian, Russian, Turkish*, Bulgarian* and Greek, so it can speak with you in your native tongue (*TBA).

it fills the blanks...

Our amazing jinniQuesttm facility helps you find the professionals you need just by flipping-up a switch. The Jinni will then communicate your need and you will get quotes from real, verified professionals!

are you a wedding industry professional?

join us now, and be part of the most advanced direct marketing tool in the business.


“It was a fantastic experience using wedjinni in private beta.” - Karen, NY
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